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  • Lich_Bane_item

    Some items such as Lichbane are worth building at specific champions without mana. For example Akali!

    by vandalph
  • Talisman_of_Ascension_item

    ALWAYS remember to use your Unique Active items, they give a great boost to you or your team-mates! Use them mostly at team fights or to speed up things like movement with Talisman of Ascension to reach Baron or the enemy base faster!

    by vandalph
  • Tryndamere_R

    Just don’t rage. Raging is one of the worst things you can do when you try to climb the division ladder.Most think that “it is ok to rage and it is harmless”, but by entering this endless circle you are committing yourself to failure. Try to point out things that will help your team improve instead of pointing things they do wrong. Always be autonomus and try your best to carry the game without raging.

    by giizgamer
  • KayleSquare

    “Even when every hope is lost, even when the enemy is at your nexus always give your best to defend it.

    Never give up.  Even when you know it’s over.

    Remember to fight until the last moment.”



    by vandalph