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Loltips Tournament 2 Winner

by vandalph | 0

And the winner for the second time is

Death Faction Multigaming!


loltip of the day!

by giizgamer | 0

Just don’t rage
Raging is one of the worst things you can do when you try to climb the division ladder.Most think that “it is ok to rage and it is harmless”, but by entering this endless circle you are committing yourself to failure.Try to point out things that will help your team improve instead of pointing things they do wrong. Always be autonomus and try your best to carry the game without raging.

loltip of the day!

by vandalph | 0

“Even when every hope is lost, even when the enemy is at your nexus always give your best to defend it.

Never give up.  Even when you know it’s over.

Remember to fight until the last moment.”



Solo Queue Adventures with Gragas

by 6male6bolgia6 | 0

“Solo Queue isn’t about outplaying your enemy, it’s about waiting for them to outplay themselves.”

More Lee and Leona

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You have no power here!

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Have you realised it?

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SeaToSky – Writer

by SeaToSky | 0

I thought i’d take a moment and introduce myself. I am SeaToSky and I will be one of the champion guide writers.

Since the software we will be using is still in development I will be drafting my champion guides out privately.

The guide genre I will be focussed in is the Support genre as I main that role. I will also be writing a few guides for jungle and mid. However my attention will be focussed in the support role.

I can’t wait till I can publish and I hope you all will enjoy my opinions!

Good-Guy Support

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