The New Streamer Community – Helping New Streamers

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I decided to create a new community for streamers here, at
Who can give better tips than you guys, millions of tips to help the players!
I will try to communicate with every streamer possible who is interested in order to join us!
This way we can make non popular streamers gain viewers!
Happy loling!

Climing the dreaded elo ladder.

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The moment we hit level 30 in league we are instantly eager to hit the ranked grind. I’m going to advise otherwise.

On a daily basis I am asked “How do I raise my rank?” or “How do I carry?” Well there is no magic method, but contrary to popular belief there is a way to climb without getting carried by others. Practice… Yup good ‘ol practice. It is true the old saying “Practice makes perfect.”.

Practice provides the refinement of your mentality, mechanics and many other aspects that add up to a successful game.

While there are other contributing factors that I know of that also add to your success, solid basics help more than many realise.

Loltips Tournament 2 Winner

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And the winner for the second time is

Death Faction Multigaming!


loltip of the day!

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Just don’t rage
Raging is one of the worst things you can do when you try to climb the division ladder.Most think that “it is ok to rage and it is harmless”, but by entering this endless circle you are committing yourself to failure.Try to point out things that will help your team improve instead of pointing things they do wrong. Always be autonomus and try your best to carry the game without raging.

loltip of the day!

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“Even when every hope is lost, even when the enemy is at your nexus always give your best to defend it.

Never give up.  Even when you know it’s over.

Remember to fight until the last moment.”



Solo Queue Adventures with Gragas

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“Solo Queue isn’t about outplaying your enemy, it’s about waiting for them to outplay themselves.”

More Lee and Leona

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You have no power here!

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Have you realised it?

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LoltipsLoltips Tournament 3
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